Dev Update: v9 Information, Reporting

Reports! I hope you missed those since your days in primary school.

Dev Update: v9 Information, Reporting

Hey Howdy Ho! These updates were actually meant for yesterday (oops) but I was tired and didn’t want to put out a dev update that wasn’t fun to read. I've tried really hard to make these entertaining enough to read through the backlog of, and I intend to keep it that way. Without further ado,

Test Reports

Reports! Risk reports, win rate reports, and performance reports are now all fully implemented, and will now give you a ton more detail to work off of. When you’re creating your strategy, the machine is more transparent in showing you the areas you need to improve on, so your strategy creation can feel like an active back and forth review process between a computer that can read lines better than your monkey brain can, and yourself, who is still somehow the master of their own fate despite surrendering their autonomy ages ago when you created an email account and went online. Oh well. Burgeoning tech dystopia aside, at least our little borg and you can commune on your weak points and attack them together, like another sci-fi metaphor I don’t have the character count or patience to throw into the same bullet point. The charts look incredible, you’ll see them yourself right below, and they are sure to point you in the right direction.

Report Navigation

Clickable backtest grade reasons! I have absolutely nothing else to say about this, because it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s prima facie useful, and it leads you to deeper data on whatever it is that’s bugging you. Neat, right? I think so too.

Strategy Radar

In furtherance of the same goal of usability and visual strategy, Stand Stats! I kid, but JoJo fans and graph enthusiasts alike will recognize our newest window into your strategical framework. The fuller it looks, the better your strategy is doing at any given time, and if you decide you don’t have time to look at anything else, it’s such a wonderful visual shorthand. We wouldn’t recommend using it on its lonesome to make your decisions, but it certainly helps make snap judgments in conjunction with your real results.

Design Language Changes

Speaking of visual shorthand, strategy cards are-a changing! Previously, they would contain… well, basically just their name. Nothing else to discern what you did, and if you’re like me and have a terrible time remembering to organize things while you’re actually making them, this is a quick lifesaver. They now show all the company logos that you put into your strategy as opposed to the ultimately meaningless placeholder icon we had beforehand.

And another little thing, you now have a profile picture up at the top right. Again, visual changes that don’t feel like fluff are a bit harder to come by in this stage of the development process, but lord knows we’ve hammered away at them, and the website will continue to feel more and more like your own.

Strategy Sharing

Lastly, the thing that is most important to me, your dear author, and most important to the social aspect of Pluto, the strategy share button, along with #pluto-builds, is now going live! Now you might be asking, “What the hell is that?” And rightly so, because it still isn’t completely ready on the Discord server side of things, but I’ll send a message in there detailing every single plan I have for the channel aspect, and give you the business version here. We really want to get the community here involved in sharing how they use Pluto, what they were doing, and how their strategies are panning out on an individual basis. So what that means for here is that when you go to make a strategy, there is now a share button right at the top of your results, right where this conspicuous red line is pointing. In turn, you’ll be granted an easy access image of your strategy that you can copy or download. It provides all the information you’re seeing in front of you in a highly readable state that anyone else can look at and chime in on. It’s a lot more easy and uniform than a screenshot, which we’re happy to provide. The community building is going to be my job, but the site now makes it 10 times more convenient to actually be social with your strategy.

We can’t wait to see how things are going with all of you. Happy trails, partner!