Dev Update - Community Profit Sharing

Don’t Call It A Comeback! Dev Updates are back, and what better way to celebrate a reunion with a proper return to where I left off. The last time I spoke, we had just announced our foray into profit sharing and community rewards. It was kept under wraps until it was ready to gestate, and now, several weeks later, I believe we’ve juuuuuust about realized our mission. So, without further ado, let’s call it liftoff!

Blast from Blog’s Past

Do you remember last time, when I mentioned that we’d have a visualizer ready for your history making money as a member of the Pluto community? Of course you do, because your eidetic memory is screaming at you that I made first mention of this last October. On the off-chance one of you dear readers doesn’t have such a strong memory, I’ve thoughtfully provided a link to the prior article. Here, you’ll be able to see the day-by-day breakdown of the positive impact your wallet will feel just by being an active user.

Promises Made, Promises Kept? Am I doing this right?

Hit The Ground Running

Now, for a full breakdown of the intricacies of how we intend to profit share. Clearing up any ambiguity in the relationship between Pluto and its user base is the sort of obvious good I can do as your resident wordsmith, but more to the point, you want to know how you can get to earning as best as possible. First, the earning potential per period are broken up into “seasons,” which is basically just a month. One season, one month. One year, twelve seasons, you get the idea. It’s just more helpful for your purposes if you understand why those two may be the same in outcome but functionally different. At the end of every season, you’ll have all the rewards you worked towards deposited straight into your Pluto account, for you to then use how you please. Cash out, reinvest into a strategy with no wait, or hold onto it for a rainy day. However you choose to use it, it’s yours!

Get used to seeing this one, daily users. Hope you like roundrects as much as Steve Jobs did!

Each season will come along with its own challenges that you’ll complete to earn Sparks. Every day you log in, you’ll have new challenges, and the achievements system will push you to both to be a safer, better trader in your sandbox portfolio and reward you with a deluge of Sparks. Your supercharger, the bonus that benefits our active users with a multiplier that gives you a bigger cut of Sparks, has been rebalanced in two distinct ways. One, there’s a cap on supercharger multiplier of 10x. This is still insanity, and you’d probably have to be totally bereft of a day job to ever feel like you’re pushing that multiplier to a limit. And two, the supercharger resets every season. Don’t worry, this isn’t a punishment or a game. We want to balance the feature to reward active users, but not legacy users. We at Pluto envision a very long future where millions of people start using our product over the years, and that adoption by new users will naturally occur over time. If a user 3 years from now is looking at spark totals and supercharger multipliers of other users who share them on social media as an unattainable goal and ignore the potential for profit sharing that benefits them, we’ve failed. New users and old users should be on a level playing field on the first of the season, every season, forever. Resetting the supercharger and not allowing older users to simply roll this benefit over and earn far more than new users can right out of the gate is what we intend to avoid at all costs.

Peaches and C.R.E.A.M.

Don’t lie, you still want to know how much you can actually expect to earn with this feature, don’t you. It’s okay, so do I. At the start of every season, Pluto’s going to set aside the dinero that enables profit sharing, to the tune of a heretofore undetermined percentage of our monthly profits, or 500 dollars, whichever is more. That might seem like a very wide gulf for a possible pool, but I’ll go ahead and assure you that at current moment, it’s not. Pluto’s relentless commitment to powerful, scale-able, free-at-point-of-service financial tools for everyone, forever, means that our current margins are razor thin. It’s a commitment that is every bit as philanthropic, if not more, as any other attempt at realizing Web 3.0’s Pied Piper philosophy. And while we may still be young, our ambition to giving back will start understandably small, and grow as our user base does. The more people who sign up and start trading and investing and strategizing with us, the more you’ll see lining your Pluto Wallet at the 1st of the month. Active users will see by far the most benefit from such a scaling, as their slice will be largest out of an ever-growing pie. Once we’ve got enough people sitting at the table, it’ll become clear as day just how much good we intend on doing for you. So here’s to you, the reader and presumable user. This round’s for you.

That’s all from me this week, but expect weekly, regular updates from me in the future far bigger than even this. Don’t count me out just yet! 👋